The MassAFP's Board of Directors works to further the organization's mission, comprising family physician members from around the Commonwealth and across the spectrum of practice settings. This group is responsible for the direction of the organization and governs, develops policy and sets the course – always framed around MassAFP’s mission.

Committee and Workgroup Chairs take responsibility for supplementing the work of the board. They, along with their committee members, align their work with the strategic goals of the organization and work on addressing any specific immediate needs of the organization.

The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians (MassAFP) is seeking nominations for the Board of Directors.

MassAFP Qualifications/Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in board discussions
  • Focus on determining where the MassAFP needs to go and how we measure our progress (stategic direction)
  • Focus on outcomes and results - do not manage operations
  • Focus on big picture, not committee work
  • Attend assigned leadership conferences
  • Assist in identifying leaders
  • Attend board meetings and others assigned
  • Declare conflicts of interest
  • Read emails and reply in a timely fashion
  • Read board packet before meeting

Interested individuals are asked to submit nominations, including a current CV, to the MassAFP office. For more information, contact Becky Wimmer by email or by calling 888-871-9181.

Conflict of Interest:

In accordance with MassAFP policy, members of the MassAFP Board of Directors are required to provide MassAFP with a statement regarding actual or potential conflicts of interest. Conflict of interest statements for individual directors are available upon request. Requests should be directed to the Executive Director, Becky Wimmer.

Past Presidents roster.