August, 2017

Flora Sadri, DO

Meeting Challenges and Learning from One Another

I couldn’t help noticing a decal on a car in front of me a couple of days ago that stated in bold, “Life is Good”. If you are as content as I am with life then life is not just good, it is great. Unfortunately, life tends to be harsh and unforgiving especially on those who happened to make the wrong choice(s) along the way. Nevertheless, as family physicians, we tend to embrace the whole family and not the patient alone as they struggle to face their demons. As family physicians, we often see the need to strive and find a way to guide our patients out of their set routines that can irrevocably be the cause of their fall. We endeavor to give them courage to face the uncertainties while trying to encourage them to find a reason to overcome their challenges.

Last month was particularly harsh and eye opening for me. I lost several patients despite my never-ending efforts to keep them in check and inspire them to realize that although their lives may be in disarray for the moment, it is definitely worth fighting for because life is beautiful and extremely precious.  

Medical school teaches you just about everything except how to cope with the loss of a patient. It is immensely difficult to lose a patient especially if you also care for other members of the family. Each of us has his or her special way of coping with the loss. I often try to attend my patient’s funeral as it gives me insight into their lives and the family they left behind. The family is always grateful to see and speak with you and perhaps you find a way to bring some closure to losing someone that you determinedly tried to care for. 

As family physicians in pursuit of knowledge, we often find ourselves joining various groups and organizations to remain well informed and skilled. Similarly, I remain an active member of many local and national organizations and as much as I learn a great deal of information from my participation, I keep coming back to my trusted circle of MassAFP colleagues and friends in my hour of need. Whether it is a challenging case that I can use some feedback and suggestions on or a difficult loss of a patient, I know I can always reach out and count on my friends to share their knowledge. It might be to lend a sympathetic ear for a few minutes through which I am able to find solace and learn other coping techniques. The Academy is a wonderful resource to meet new colleagues and be able to form long lasting relationships.   

I have been an active member of MassAFP for nearly 11 years and I am grateful that this entrusted circle of colleagues and friends is growing. I encourage you to become involved in the MassAFP and take advantage of this incredible resource that is available to you. In addition to the above, the MassAFP offers professional development as well as opportunities in leadership training, and networking with over a thousand physicians. Most importantly, I welcome you to become a member of a workgroup and add to your entrusted circle of colleagues or friends that you can count on. For more information on joining a workgroup, contact Becky Wimmer, Executive Director via email or call (888) 871-9181. Giving your time and making friends in the MassAFP will come full circle when you are in need – we will be there for you.


Flora Sadri, DO