October, 2017

Flora Sadri, DO

Physician Well-being

This month I would like to talk about the measures the AAFP and MassAFP are taking to improve the well-being of its members.

I had the opportunity to attend FMX in San Antonio last month and wanted to share some information and highlights on "The Physician Health First Program."  Through this program, the AAFP is committing to help identify and address the root causes that affect professional and personal fulfillments. The AAFP also recognizes that physician burnout is a symptom of significant dysfunction in our health care system. While the Academy works to address these issues, it is now offering members access to a comprehensive and diverse set of resources to help reduce physician burnout.

While at FMX I was able to attend the Keynote address by Dr. Deepak Chopra where he described the research that was done and published in six areas of concentration, namely sleep, medication and stress management, movement, relationship and emotions, nutrition, and grounding - all focused on well-being. As you are well aware, physician burnout is at an all-time high. Hence, the AAFP has in place a Physician Health First web portal that is designed to inspire, energize and motivate family physicians to make positive changes. Also, the AAFP will have its inaugural Family Physician and Well-being Conference scheduled to take place April 18-21. The intent is for attendees to leave having mastered or at least have begun to grasp the skill sets directly related to practicing well-being.

The MassAFP is also concerned and is taking significant measures working on physician well-being. This needs to be a collaborative effort to reach certain milestones as we diligently create a forum that provides the needed opportunity to brainstorm and propose innovative ideas that are demographically targeted. We are looking for members to join the MassAFP Physician Wellbeing/Workforce Workgroup and contribute towards finding ways to combat this debilitating fatigue and burnout for family physicians who are experiencing the greatest risk. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes and check out the MassAFP website to review the different committees/workgroups that are available for you to participate. Contact Becky Wimmer, MassAFP Executive Director to join any of these committees/workgroups that you feel would benefit from your participation.


Flora Sadri, DO