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Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians - FOUNDATION

Dedicated to advocating for Family Physician education and promoting the quality of cost-effective health care.

The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians – Foundation was founded in 2015 to promote the specialty of Family Medicine among medical students, so Massachusetts can have a robust workforce of family physicians in the future.

The Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians - Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians


Our Mission

To provide continual funding for family medicine-related programs, projects, and activities that are intended to benefit the quality of family health care in Massachusetts.

How We Make a Difference

Through generous donors like you, we’ve sent students to National Conference and are looking to that again!

Your support helps fund efforts to engage prospective family medicine students by providing scholarships to students to attend national conferences and educational activities, encouraging entrance by medical personnel into primary care.

Help send students to the AAFP National Conference

This annual event provides them opportunities to attend workshops and procedure sessions, connect with hundreds of family medicine residencies, employers, learn leadership development skills, and network with students, residents, and physicians who have common interests.

Support the education and growth of the future generation.


How You Can Make a Difference

Help support the MassAFP - Foundation in cultivating a strong future.

The Foundation and the Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians (MassAFP) are partners in an ongoing effort to supply Massachusetts with a sufficient future workforce in Family Medicine. One way to address this issue is to have strong family medicine leaders in place to meet Massachusetts' future needs by engaging current students in the value of primary care and offering them opportunities to explore a career in family medicine.

Together, we can advance family medicine in Massachusetts!

Foundation Board of Directors

Board Members serve a two-year term in an advisory capacity of Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians - Foundation, managing its business and affairs as the philanthropic arm of MassAFP. Board Members may be members of MassAFP or non-members (usually corporate or organizational partners, or members of the public with a passion for family medicine's value to society). Directors are expected to attend at least one virtual board meeting per year. We encourage active participation from all board members, as diverse perspectives contribute to the success of our organization. Additionally, we value the dedication and commitment of our directors in advancing the mission and goals of the Foundation. 

All year long, nominations are welcome and are continually accepted. Nominations/Applications to serve on the Foundation Board of Directors are due no later than March 20, for term that begins April 1; interested individuals are encouraged to submit application materials.

Apply to Serve on the Board

Board Officers

Alain A. Chaoui, MD, FAAFP

President, 2023-2025

At-Large Directors

Ron Adler, MD, FAAFP

MassAFP President-Elect

Johvonne M. Clayborne, DO


Mary Ann Dakkak, MD


Thomas C. Hines, MD


The MassAFP-F is a 501(c)3 recognized charity and your donation is tax deductible as allowable by the IRS. 


MASSAFP@MMS.ORG | 781-434-7010

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